The RC Difference

RC Golf Lessons - Why we're better than the rest!

I’m a firm believer that every individual is different.  I take the time to learn about you and I tailor my lessons to fit your personality and your goals.   I don’t make guesses about what I should do to correct your swing.  I research the problem, then we fix it together.

For most beginners or casual golfers, trying to correct every part of your swing can be really frustrating.  There are a ton of moving parts to the golf swing.  Most casual golfers don’t have the time, commitment or desire to perfect every part of the swing, AND YOU DON’T HAVE TO!

My teaching method is successful because it’s based on the idea of small adjustments.  I try not to overload you by trying to correct every aspect of your swing at once.  Instead, I’ll spend each lesson showing you how to make small adjustments to your swing.  When you get out on the course you’ll be able to focus on improving just those one or two key swing elements because your head won’t be filled with a hundred different things to remember.

As soon as you’re ready, we’ll move on to the next small adjustment.  For some people that may happen in two days.  For some it may take two weeks, and that’s OK!  I’ll teach you at a pace that’s right for you.  I don’t want to waste your time and money if we have to keep correcting the same issue over and over.  With my method you’ll get  better results more quickly, and it’ll keep you excited about the game of golf!

Hey, remember that up until 2000 I was a weekend golfer  just like you.  I learned how to teach out of a love for the game and a passion for helping others to play great golf.

The “G.A.S.P” Method

There are four fundamentals in a golf swing that I teach to every student. The four fundamentals I call “GASP” grip, aim, set-up, and posture.  This is easy to remember and usually takes two ½ hour lessons for the student to understand.

Aim and finish the swing are the two first priorities.  Then we go to posture and set-up.  UNLESS a grip is extremely unusual I will not make remarks until later in the session.  I have found that students get too upset and nervous and want to hit the ball ok in front of the instructor.  So I believe that yes the grip is extremely important but let’s find a comfort zone for my students.

Teaching kids golf is a wonderful way for us as Golf Pro’s to “grow the game of golf”.  I go to schools and teach kids in their own gyms.  I use the GASP fundamentals along with rules and etiquette.  Teaching the young players golf and that it is all about honesty and integrity will make this wonderful game grow.

When should you get ready for college golf?  I believe it should be in your freshman year of High School.  Take the steps over four years to get ready.  Set your goals high for the school you want to attend.

To get started we will need an interview.  Contact me for pricing and interview times.

About Rick:

After leaving corporate America in 2001 I decided  that I wanted to turn my passion for golf into a career.  I started working on a driving range, and from there I enrolled in a number of schools to improve my game, learn how to teach the golf swing and measure and repair clubs.

I have worked with numerous golf professionals through the years to learn more about the golf swing and hone my craft.  Every year I go to teaching seminars to improve my skills.  I have dedicated myself to continuously improving as an instructor so that I can help you to become the best golfer you can be.

My students call me the “People’s Pro” because I get it when your swing goes south and you don’t know why.  I will help you get it back together on the course.  You will leave my lessons armed with the skills you'll need to step up to that first tee with total confidence.

Hey, remember that up until 2000 I was a weekend golfer just like you.  I learned how to teach out of a love for the game and a passion for helping others to play great golf.

My Mission Statement:

  • To give all of my attention to my students during a lesson
  • To make golf fun for my students and also to get them to understand the difference between golf instruction and golfing
  • To build a profitable business by making a satisfied customer out of every person who takes a lesson with me

Accreditations and Qualifications:

  • USGTF Graduate
  • Golfsmith Club Measuring and Repairs
  • Swing Analysis PGA
  • Swing Philosophy PGA
  • Short Game Clinic PGA
  • Full Swing PGA
  • Assistant Swing Golf Coach Oakland CC 2006-2009
  • Head Golf Coach Oakland CC 2009-present
  • Regional Coach of the Year 2010
  • State Coach of the Year 2012
  • Team Conference Winners 2009, 2010, 2012
  • Team Regional Winner 2010
  • Team State Winner 2012
  • National Tournament Place 2009 13th, 2010 10th, 2011 4th.