*** The Inside Trac Testimonial ***
My name is Jimmy Angeloff . I have been a golf professional for 20 years. I teach the golf swing to players daily. I have seen many swing aids. Some are good and some are just to get your money. But Rick Coatta’s “The Inside Trac” is really one of the best swing aids I have seen. Any professional that teaches works mostly with their students on the down swing. From the top is where the swing starts. Rick’s swing aid will help everyone to clear your hips let your lower half of the body start your down swing. Almost every amateur starts the downswing with their arms. This aid is a blessing to them. I will use and sell Rick swing aid with my students and sell in my shop. Way to go Rick!!!
Jimmy Angeloff Golf Professional

*** The Inside Trac Testimonial ***
Rick, Just a heads up that the tool is great so far. Alex has been using it for 10 minutes a day (other than the crazy holidays) and Doug took her and Paige to the dome around the 1st and it as she said “felt really weird, but wow did the ball go smooth”. I don’t know if I have EVER seen her so excited about her golf swing. Thanks for being so amazing and coming up with such a tool.
“Part of true sucess is understanding that there is something bigger and more important than ourselves”
Rebecca Johnson

Justin Bland is 16 a year old high School golfer. Justin's dad wrote: Just wanted to take a minute to say thanks for a great job your lessons have done for Justin. Your ability to refine his overall game and technigue has been outstanding. Justin scores consistently now in the high 70's low 80's from the 90's. His goal is to make the varsity golf team next year, and he is on his way thanks to you!

Thanks to Coach Rick I have made the junior varsity golf team. He helped my swing and the confidence I need to get there. I will, with his help, play varsity HS golf next year.

Robbie Ress wrote: Mr. Rick has worked with me since I was 12 years old. We have fun and now I can hit the ball extremely long and my short game is compact and pretty steady because I have turned into a feel player. I look forward to many years of taking lessons from him, and will be on the HS varsity golf team next year!!!

Thanks Rick for fixing my game!! In 1 lesson you turned my game around. I got 3 birdies in one round and that never happened before. I can't wait for the next lesson!

Wow you really set me straight. I really got my confidence back and look forward to the golf season. I will continue working with you for a long time.

You found out what was wrong with my swing in just one minute!! Thank you, now I'm going to practice and beat my boyfriend!

Hi Rick!
Long time no hear. Golf has been great and I thought about you the other day by the way after my golf outing at Oakland University (we played the Scharf). I played the best ever and I owe it all to you for bringing me back to my game. We had 32 people in a scramble and our team came in 1st. I was hitting monster drives around 280 to 300 and our team won $680. I feel so grateful for what you taught me and it truly has made me a better player. I was really honored at the ended when they named me as the most improved player. I have to give you tons of credit for helping me receive this honor.
I hope you are well and thanks so very much for changing my game. I can't believe it took just 4 lessons. You are the best.

Just wanted to let you know that your instruction really paid off Yesterday. I played nine holes at Somerset Golf Club and hit a 40, which is my lowest gross score to date on any course since I've been playing. I parred two holes and did not hit a hard slice on any hole, and my short game was much improved. I feel I am on my way to breaking the forty mark and if I can do that this year I will be in the money in Florida. Of course my handicap will come down, but that is the challenge, isn't it.

I think that thing that helped me the most is that you just find the major flaws in a person's swing then give them a thought to remember to remedy the flaw. As long as I think of those few things on each swing I found myself hitting good shots without the slices and duffs.

Thanks for your excellent instruction. See you next year when we return from Florida to fix whatever new kinks I might pick up.